Sheffield charity believes nature can help you “feel mindful”

7 March 2019

Chrissy Bonham, Creative practitioner and workshop facilitator

Sheffield Flourish, a mental health friendly community are offering a six-week nature and wellbeing creative course.

With the intention to bring sufferers of mental health together in a supportive space, they are able to explore the experiences nature has to offer.

Chrissy Bonham, creative practitioner and workshop facilitator said: “Getting outside and engaging with nature is really important. If you’re on your own you can go for a walk and be mindful.”

It is proving to be popular as Ms Bonham claimed that within a week of sharing the flyer, nearly all spaces were filled

Activities such as storytelling, art, writing and photography will be enjoyed where like-minded people have the opportunity to share reflections of the natural world.

According to the NHS, 12,000 people enter treatment for mental health each year in Sheffield, and the NHS plan to spend £11.9 billion on mental health in 2019. This means just £1 spent of every £10 spent by the Department of Health goes to mental health.

Sheffield Flourish was one of three charities chosen by Lord Mayor, Magid Magid, to receive more funding in a bid to raise £100,000 for local charities, £20,000 more than the current record set.

He said: “There are a lot of smaller charities that are saving people’s lives so it’s important that those don’t get left behind and I thought mental health, women and young people seemed like a good balance.”

Hope Godfrey, 22, an Engineering student, of Crookesmoor road, Sheffield said: “I’ve been diagnosed with general anxiety disorder (GAD) and depression and I’ve been on prescription drugs before. What worked best for me was being with great company outside. That’s why these sessions are important.”

The sessions will be held at The Blend Kitchen, 18 Pinstone Street, on Tuesdays at 10:30am – 12:30am.

To book a place, or for information on the nature and wellbeing sessions, people should contact:

Written by Courtney Wilson

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