Brexit: How Sheffield MPs voted and what will happen next

14 March 2019

Parliament will vote today on delaying Brexit after last night’s 312-308 vote earlier in amendment rejecting no-deal under any circumstances proposed by Conservative MP Damian Green.

MPs also voted by a landslide to reject no deal which was defeated by 43 votes.

The majority of South Yorkshire MPs voted on taking a no-deal off the table.

No vote is recorded for John Mann, MP for Bassetlaw or Sir Kevin Barron, who is MP for Rother Valley.

MPs Gill Furniss and Angela Smith explained their decision on twitter earlier yesterday.

It is expected that there will be a following vote today on a government motion to decide whether Theresa May needs to request an extension to the Article 50 negotiation period to delay Brexit.

Lee Rowley, MP for Northeast Derbyshire, is proposing to rule out a second referendum along with 110 other MPs, including Caroline Fint, John Mann and Sir Kevin Barron, who are behind the bid too.

Although yesterday’s vote is not legally-binding, the results displays another rejection towards Theresa May’s Brexit plan.

Theresa May warned that they would require UK to hold European elections in May, if Parliament does not accept a deal before 20 March, the day before the next EU summit.

She said: ‘’I do not think that would be the right outcome. The House needs to face up to the consequences of the decisions it has taken.’’

The Prime Minister will try to get MPs to back her plan for the third time next week.



Written by Levenez Lai

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