Local school are raising money to help a child with a life threatening heart condition

14 March 2019

Maxen after his open heart surgery

Kiveton Park infant school are raising money for an onsite defibrillator for a 5 year old with congenital heart disease.

Maxen Shaw, aged 5, joined the school in November and it was soon brought to the staff’s attention how necessary it was to have a defibrillator nearby.

Joanne Senior, 50, Head of the School said: “We’re concerned that we don’t have this life-saving equipment in our school.”

The defibrillator would cost between £2,500 and £3,000 so the staff decided to start fundraising to raise the required amount and they received a huge amount of support from the community with one parent donating a £50 cheque.

Caroline Shaw, 40, carer and Maxen’s mum said: “We can’t thank the community enough. It means the absolute most to us and it will mean we can relax a bit knowing there will be an onsite defibrillator.”

Maxen has congenital heart disease, this is a general term for a range of birth defects that affect the way the heart works. His congenital heart disease is made up of five defects of the heart.

He had open heart surgery to correct four of them but the fifth is inoperable. This means that he will have to have more surgery in the future.

Mrs Shaw said: “He is a very strong cookie. Although we have daily battles and obstacles to overcome, we are forever thankful for everything everyone has done for him and us as a family. It’s not easy living with congenital heart disease and Maxen fights it with every heart beat.”

Over £1000 has been raised so far from all sorts of different fundraisers. The staff in Maxen’s class did a month of no chocolate in February and raised £500. They also sold jammy dodgers at lunch time to pupils and wore red on valentines day which raised £170.

Dominic Beck, the local councillor for Kiveton Park secured £300 of funding and one parent also offered to do the electrical work for the defibrillator for free.

The local sweet shop, Traditionals, have also started a book sale to help raise money for the defibrillator.

Erin McBride, 18, cafe waitress at Traditionals said: “We wanted to give something back to the village and we think its a great cause.

“I think it’s fantastic that they’re raising money for something that is needed and could save someone’s life. I think every place should have one but they’re quite expensive so its not always possible.”

The defibrillator will be located on the main road so that anyone within half a mile can use it.

Janine Bonsall, 41, early years practitioner and the leader of fundraising at the school said: “We are going to use any spare funds to put towards training to use the defibrillator and donate to the British Heart Foundation.

“Along with training the staff we also want to train the children in key stage one so they know what to do and when to get help.”

Kiveton Park Infant school are still looking for donations towards the defibrillator and urge people willing to donate to contact them on their Facebook page Friends of KPI.

Written by Lauren Turner

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