Masked vegan activists carry out “Cube of Truth” demonstration in Sheffield

Vegan activists wearing Guy Fawkes masks have taken part in a gruelling 12-hour protest which they claim has convinced more than 400 people to adopt the lifestyle.

Dressed in black activists spent 12 hours standing in Sheffield city centre on 9 March, holding screens to show passers-by footage of animal exploitation for the demonstration which was called Cube of Truth.

It was organised by activism group Anonymous for the Voiceless, a worldwide animal rights organization established in April 2016.

Organiser ‘Vegan’ Rey, 43, said: “Many people are unaware of what truly happens to these animals. We want the public to take a compassionate choice and choose veganism.

“I ate animals for four decades. I used to eat every animal I could get my teeth into but being vegan is the best decision of my life, if I can change then everyone can change.”

The activists encourage people to take a 22-day vegan challenge with full support.

Lia Pfefferkorn, 32, a project manager, has tried a two-week Veganuary and turned vegan after participating in a Cube of Truth.

She said: “For me, it’s not only saying no to animal abuse. Living vegan is a totally awesome experience.

“I don’t particularly enjoy cooking, but there are so many delicious vegan options I get to try and as an extra I feel physically and mentally fitter.”

Another activist, Tina ‘The Tiny Vegan’, who has been part of Anonymous for the Voiceless since last August, said: “It’s bizarre that people need to be told why it’s wrong to confine an animal to a life of hell before being mercilessly slaughtered just so someone can enjoy the taste of their flesh.

“You buy, they die. Every single person who chooses to live a vegan lifestyle makes a huge impact and reduced the number of animals killed.”

More Cubes will be held in Sheffield every month and also in Leeds, Huddersfield, York and Liverpool.

The next Cube of Truth in Sheffield will be on Wednesday, 27 March.

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