New knife crime prevention operation more of the same, says Sheffield Youth Crime prevention organisation

14 March 2019

A Sheffield youth crime prevention organisation has slammed South Yorkshire Police’s new knife crime prevention operation.

Operation Sceptre came into action on Monday, with South Yorkshire’s police force beginning high profile activity happening across the county to tackle knife crime.

Hanif Mohammed, spokesperson for In2Change, said: “The police are always using the same methods, they react when something has happened – we are into the business of early prevention; prevention is better than the cure.

“While I recognise that the police are doing something about it, whether or not it’s going to be effective is way too premature to see,” he added

Mr Mohammed criticised Theresa May’s handling of the situation.

He said: “Put down your ‘knife of austerity’, that is causing more damage than any other knife. Young people are not able to access provisions and services which support them.”

In2Change focuses on prevention methods, using ex-offenders and real life stories to highlight the consequences of knife crime.

In an official press release on Monday, Detective Superintendent Una Jennings stressed the importance of “shifting the mindset of our young people in particular.”

She also warned offenders that knife crime has no place in our society.

Ms Jennings said: “For those who refuse to listen, expect to be stopped, expect to be search, expect to be arrested and prosecuted.”

On Wednesday, a 51-year-old Sheffield man was sentenced after police found him in possession of five bladed articles in September last year.

Police found two lock knives in the glove box of the man’s vehicle, along with another on his person and two other credit card knives in his wallet.

Kelvin Gayle of Ingram Road in Sheffield was sentenced at Sheffield Crown Court to 12-months in jail.


Written by Jamie Van Bragt

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