New sleeper container to be set up in Sheffield to combat rough sleeping

A Sheffield homeless activist is setting up a ‘sleeper container’ to help reduce the amount of rough sleeping in the city.

The shelter will provide temporary accommodation for homeless people to help them get back up on their feet and secure permanent housing.

Anthony Cunningham, 33, homeless activist in Sheffield said: “It’s really hard for people to get a job and get help with benefits when they don’t have a secure address.

“The sleeper container will provide people with an instant address along with warmth and safety,” he added.

These shelters have proved to be effective in other parts of the country, including London where there is a container city.

They can be dismantled and moved to wherever they are needed and they can also be adapted to suit disabled people.

Mr Cunningham said: “These sleepers will take away a lot of headaches and will save the councils thousands. We need to come away from giving people sleeping bags and tents and help them get off the streets.

“Homelessness is a monster. I’ve known billionaires who’ve become broke within a blink of the eye. Nobody is safe from homelessness.”

At the moment it can be quite hard for the council to help homeless people.

Anthony said: “It’s crazy but you have to achieve homeless status before they can help you.”

The Sheffield City Council website says: “In some circumstances we have a duty to provide you and your household with accommodation.

“We’ll assess your circumstances to establish if we owe you a duty. We’ll consider if you are; eligible for housing assistance, homeless, in priority need, intentionally homeless or have a local connection.”

A lot of the time the council can only provide people with temporary accommodation for a couple of nights so homeless people rely heavily on charities and services to provide support for them. The sleeper containers will help to ease this as they will be available 24/7 for any charity or service to use to accommodate people in need.

Sleeper container in Sheffield



Written by Lauren Turner

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