Sheffield night orienteering event to hit Sheffield’s streets

An urban night orienteering race will be held this evening as a part of Sheffield’s Festival of the Outdoors.

It has been organised by South Yorkshire Orienteers and will take place around Broomhill and Ecclesall Road at 18.45pm.

Organiser Pauline Tryner, 46, Developments Coach with South Yorkshire Orienteers, said: “The physical and mental benefits are huge so anything that encourages people to enjoy the outdoors has to be a good thing.” 

Mrs Tryner added: “This is a small event but we hope people enjoy the challenge and the chance to socialize in the pub.”

Local pub, The Fat Cat, will be the event hub and this coincides with Sheffield Beer Week for participants to socialise after the race.

Brian Ward, 56, is travelling from East Yorkshire to take part in the event. He said: “This event is always great fun. It’s a great way to promote outdoor activities and a generally healthy lifestyle.”

The Festival of the Outdoors is taking place from 1 to 31 March 2019, aiming to celebrate the strength of Sheffield’s vibrant outdoor communities and to inspire people to be active with a full month of events and activities.

The festival is one of the biggest of its kind in the UK, with more than 40 organisers from across the city’s outdoor groups teaming up to offer over 70 events across March.

Dan Tett, 31, organizer assistant of South Yorkshire Orienteers, said: “The Festival of the Outdoors is a great idea but needed extra advertising as even people in Sheffield don’t know that it is happening.” 

Besides the night orienteering, the line-up also includes beer runs, mountain biking, yoga, road cycling challenges and heritage walks.

Councillor Mazher Iqbal said: “Whether you live in the city or you’re visitor to Sheffield, we invite you to come join us.”  

He added that it was the outdoor community that truly makes Sheffield the Outdoor City and he hoped as many people as possible turn out to enjoy the activities and cultural buzz.





Written by Phoebe Xu

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