Sheffield teacher launches service to help with exam stress

14 March 2019

A Sheffield sixth-form teacher has set up a business to offer a more personalised service for students struggling with exam worry.

The Education Hub was set up in February this year by Rachel Evans to offer educational mentors, small group revision and support workshops.

Mrs Evans said: “A level exams are all linear now and therefore all knowledge is tested at the end of the two years, increasing pressure to perform to achieve a place at university.

“Many universities are incredibly competitive and conditional offers are commonly A and B grades.

“In addition to this, many sixth form schools and colleges do not have the resources or capacity to run smaller revision sessions themselves and A level classes are typically becoming larger to ensure financial viability.”

Mrs Evans and a group of specialists deliver revision sessions for A Level’s and GCSE’s, they also offer mentoring in areas such as managing exam stress, improving academic writing, time management and revision techniques.

Mrs Evans has 15 years of teaching experience and has developed a range of skills to help support students.

She said they have received positive feedback from parents and students so far.

The Education Hub offers many one-to-one sessions tailored to be personalised towards the students needs.

As well as revision techniques they also help with insomnia and university applications.

When dealing with exam stress and revision Rachel advises: “Students should get organised with their revision, they should plan timed sessions into their week and then make these highly effective by working towards a specific outcome for each session, with no phone distraction.

Reward yourself for being so good. No one likes revising, so build in your own personal motivators, such as watching another episode of your favourite programme,” she added.

More details about the services on offer can be found on their website at

Alternatively you can email for more information.


Written by Lauren Wilks

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