Volunteers to abseil 160ft Sheffield Building for Kenya Charity

A team of 30 are set to abseil down the side of Owen Building in Sheffield this Saturday.

The abseil, organised by Raising Futures Kenya, is taking place on Saturday 16th March in aid of the charity which aim to create opportunities for vulnerable children and young people in Kenya.

Vicky Powell, fundraising officer for the organisation said: “The money raised will be going to our seed of hope project which provides vocational training centres for young adults who may not have had access to secondary education.”

The money will also go to supporting their two schools which help children with disabilities.

Each volunteer is required reach a fundraising target of £150 to abseil the 160ft decent.

One of the volunteers, Tony Gibbs, 31, said: “I’m hoping I can channel any fear on the day into excitement. A little trepidation about this windy weather, but if I’m at risk of blowing around like a pendulum we can always postpone it.

“Charities like Raising Futures Kenya have a lot of ground to cover, and for a small team that’s quite a task. I’m quite humbled to be able to help in my own little way.”

The organisers have worked with individuals, schools, local government and other NGOs to help young people “break the cycle of poverty and inequality and fulfil their potential.”

Raising futures Kenya are also holding a ‘Mount Kenya challenge’ in July, which will take place over 11 days to raise money for the charity.

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