Call for more disabled bays in Sheffield

21 March 2019

A petition started by a frustrated disabled bay user is asking for the Sheffield City Council to provide more disabled bays for those in need.

Ann-Marie Marshall, who uses a mobility scooter to get around, said she was shocked to find out that there is no budget or programme to install bays.

“I feel disabled people’s needs in this respect are unimportant to the council and requests have been bunged on a never-ending list” said Ann-Marie, who lives on Low Road in Walkley.

The requests for disabled parking spaces are recorded on the citywide master list of small highway improvement requests.

As of December 2018, there are a total of 3546 requests for all types of small scheme on the list.

However, the council told her there is no specific budget allocation for the provision of disabled parking spaces and no programme for their provision.

Miss Ann-Marie who suffers from multiple and complex conditions has been using her mobility scooter for over 20 years now. One of the things that she has to battle everyday is her chronic fatigue.

She said: “Over the years, more people have started to use cars and as you know, parking is a nightmare for everyone.

“In order for me to have independence, I need my scooter which means having room to get in and out of the boot. Cars tend to park very close to each other and that makes it very difficult.

“We are often concerned it will be a problem and thus, we cannot park at a reasonable distance to amenities.”

At present, Sheffield has 22,486 blue badge holders.

She hopes for the council to fulfill the outstanding disabled bays that was promised to be installed in Crookes this year.

Miss Ann-Marie said: “This is something that I shouldn’t really need to petition for because equal access should be given.”

The link for the petition can be found here:











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