Carer criticised for saying “Ey up chuff nut” to a disabled man

A carer has sparked controversy and received criticism over what he said to a man with dementia.

A woman called Susan shared her dissatisfaction in a report released by a Sheffield social care service over comments a care worker made towards her father.

Health Watch Sheffield, an Independent watchdog for health and social care services have released a report recommending multiple changes that should be implemented by care services to improve relationships and quality of care.

In the report, Susan claimed that ‘Ey up chuff nut’ was not appropriate way for the carer to speak to her father, and that she felt it belittled him and felt it was offensive.

She said, “Ian can’t speak now and can’t walk. Still treat him as intelligent. Don’t treat him as very childlike, singing nursery rhymes to him”.

Susan’s comments have become the main talking point of the report, with people hitting back at Health Watch Sheffield on social media. People argued that the comment made by the care worker was simply a friendly Sheffield greeting, and are outraged by the report suggesting that the language is inappropriate.



Health Watch Sheffield said that the report “aims to help people to live their life the way they want to and should go beyond addressing health and personal care needs. It should also help people to have a better quality of life. Care that centres around people’s needs and wishes rather than those of services, is central to people’s satisfaction with their own lives and with home care.”

The report can be read at:

Written by Louis Nelson

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