“Climate rebels” cause chaos on Sheaf Street

More than 40 protesters gridlocked four lanes of traffic outside Sheffield train station on Tuesday. 

Members of climate change group Extinction Rebellion, occupied the crossing on Sheaf Street with banners for short periods between 8am and 9am, in a protest aiming to encourage Sheffield Council  to do more to tackle climate change. 

Dr. Bing Jones, the coordinator of Extinction Rebellion, said: “We are doing this because politicians are not acting. Global emissions are continuing to rise and if we keep going as we are, then there will be no real world for our children to live on.”

“This is a bit steep but it really is important,” Dr Jones added.

The protest added to the increasing tension between motorists and protesters. Some motorists sounded their horns and got out their cars to argue with the protesters causing the rush-hour gridlock. 

One driver, who was heading to work in the city centre, said: “They’re not only making people late for work, but making the cars sit for longer and causing more pollution.”

Geraldine, a protester of Extinction Rebellion, said: “We have made some people very angry and we are sorry about that.”

“We didn’t want to do this, but we do want the council who can make decisions on our behalf to actually wake up and do something,” she added.

She said that the small amount of MPs who attended the climate change debate in parliament earlier this month is an indication that many politicians neither understand or prioritise the problem of climate change that Extinction rebellion want everyone to know.

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