New carers needed in Sheffield

21 March 2019

Sheffield is in need of new carers in the city to make adult social care more robust to change.

The “2018 Local Account” report is aimed to help people stay independent, safe and was presented yesterday to Sheffield City Council.

Jackie Drayton, cabinet member for Children and Families said: “Carers do a fantastic job, all with different backgrounds, communities, ways of living and they really do make a difference.”

The author of the report, Phil Holmes explained that the report is about transparency to the general public about adult social care and its purpose, which he says is to find more ways to engage with the public.

Phil Holmes said: “We think we now need to bring together all the services that support children, young people and adults with a disability to make sure all our citizens can access all areas of the city and all parts of city life.

“Many times, people face problems because of the way services are provided at key points in their lives, so a key part of this work will be to make sure services are provided ‘seamlessly’ and help people as early as possible to build a good life.”

“Why not home, why not today?” is a new service that enables Adult Social Care and Sheffield NHS work together to make sure patients are happy and return home from hospital sooner.

To achieve this, they need to make sure someone is there to help the patient recover at home, and there aren’t enough carers in the city to make it possible.

Cabinet member for Finance and Deputy Leader Olivia Blake was asked to accept the report and as a response, she said: “I really enjoyed reading the report, it’s positive and really good, it’s not just about the money.”

Written by Ana Estrella

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