Sheffield gearing up for a vibrant weekend of wood running

21 March 2019

This weekend Sheffield’s annual outdoor festival is kicking off again.

The Big Running Weekend is part of the ‘Outdoor City Big Weekender’, which is now in its third year, and will feature an eclectic mix of events for all the family.

The event aims to promote wood running in Sheffield, while also introducing the sport to newcomers and families with everything from film events to challenging technique sessions.

Laura Inglis, a run-leader and member of the organising team, is hoping the weekend will be a diverse occasion:

“We want people to be inclusive, and for people to enjoy something to do with running,” she said.

“People can come to this weekend who might not have heard of what we do before, and realise there’s a ready built community of friends here.”

The event will kick off on Friday, with a talk from popular runner Rob Jebb holding a talk

And with community in mind, the event will also have an emphasis on events for children, with everything from junior workshops that will help give aspiring youngsters an elite edge to family wood runs and all age events.

“All the talks are family friendly. Last year we had parents come along while their children were in onesies and pyjamas snuggling up to them.” she said.

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Written by Jack Young

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