Abusive drug addict threatened to ‘stab’ and ‘kill’ his ex partner

A man who waged a campaign of domestic abuse and harassment against his former partner has been issued with a 5-year restraining order.

Lewis Maughan, 28, of Jounty Road, Sheffield, was described by former partner Rhianne Lowe as “controlling and aggressive, particularly when he used cocaine,” during their 10-year relationship, Sheffield Crown Court heard today.

Prosecutor, Louise Reevel, QC, told the court that in March 2018, Maughan, who has a six-year old daughter with his ex-partner, had heard that that Ms Lowe had been sleeping with his best friend.

The court heard that he had rang his former partner and harassed her, threatening to stab Ms Lowe. She then rang 999 to which Maughan told her “the police can’t stop me, I will kill myself after I’ve killed you.” Ms Reevel said.

On April 4, Maughan further threatened Ms Lowe, saying he would post a picture of her breasts on Facebook, telling her: “take this as a warning, it’ll only get worse,” Reevel added.

A month later, the defendant’s daughter decided she did not want to see her father, which caused the defendant to become even more threatening.

Maughan threatened Ms Lowe and her family, saying that he would ‘batter’ her until she ‘couldn’t breathe’, the prosecution told the court.

In a prepared statement, Ms Lowe said: “I am fearful of what he is capable of, I’ve had to pack bags for me and my daughter and leave our home, it has got to stop, I want to live a happy and peaceful life.”

The court was told that Maughan has 20 previous offences, and 16 convictions.

Defending, Fatima Zafar, QC, argued that when the defendant was faced with some time to think, he was “disgusted” with what he had sent to Ms Lowe and found it extremely difficult to listen to the 999 call.

Zahar added that he described himself as “nasty” and is aware of how serious his offences are.

The court heard that Maughan is now employed as a window cleaner, has stopped using drugs and drinking and now speaks positively of Ms Lowe.

In her closing statement, Judge Sarah Wright said, “you have made repeated threats to stab her and kill her and these threats were made both indirectly and directly. You have made
Ms Lowe leave her home and that is your daughters home too.”

Maughan was sentenced to 150 hours of unpaid work, a 40-day rehabilitation requirement and a restraining order against Rhianne Lowe for a period of 5 years.




Written by Stephanie Loseby

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