Climate rebels to paint the streets of Sheffield

28 March 2019

Sheffield’s Extinction Rebellion will be taking to the streets this Saturday to install a semi-permanent piece of environmental art in the heart of the city.

With the help of proud Sheffielders, the environmental protection group intends to spread their climate call to action by gifting Sheffield with a vibrant piece of climate art.

“Paint the Streets of Sheffield” is set to take place on Saturday 30th of March from 11am along busy routes in Sheffield, culminating outside the Town Hall.

Jade Clark, the Coordinator of Paint The Streets of Sheffield said: “Realise your power and join the rebellion. We can insist on altering our systems and cultures to become regenerative.”

“Our future is our’s to shape. Business as usual will not hold. We can’t wait for action, we are the action.”

With aims to keep the climate emergency firmly in the spotlight, Extinction Rebellion is looking to get thousands of ordinary people around the world to stand up for their planet.

Nathan Strathdee, a member of Extinction Rebellion said: “It is vitally important that people comprehend the scale of the climate crisis that faces this beautiful planet. This can be hard to do through pure facts and figures alone.”

“We hope that the planned piece of art will spur others to join us in demanding greater action from our government on this issue.”

Extinction Rebellion welcomes all those who demand a better tomorrow free from climate catastrophe to get involved in the movement.

Written by Ynez Wahab

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