Festival of Nature and Wellbeing held in Weston Park

A two-day celebration of Sheffield’s natural environment has been held in Weston Park and the Winter Gardens, marking the end of the University of Sheffield’s research into improving wellbeing via urban nature (IWUN).

The “Feeling Good In A Green City” event included performances, guided walks, workshops exhibitions centred around the theme of nature and wellbeing.

Ella Tonge, 20, a student who attended one of the mindful workshops said how “refreshing and enjoyable”, the workshops have been for her and her friends.

Nature and Wellbeing Art exhibition held at the Winter Gardens

Chrissy Bonham, one of the organisers, said: “We have had a fantastic response! Within a week of the flyer going out on Twitter, we filled all 12 places in the workshop and even got a waiting list.

“Last year, I ran some research workshop for the University of Sheffield which was for a project called ‘Improving Wellbeing Through Nature.

“To me getting outside and engaging with nature is really important and really helpful for my own mental health.”


Written by Yasivini Raveendra

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