Green councillors call for cladding replacement funding

28 March 2019

Sheffield Green Party councillors have called on the government to fund replacement cladding in private tower blocks.

Councillors Douglas Johnson, Kaltum Rivers and Rob Murphy have drawn attention to a lack of openness on fire safety in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower disaster in 2017.

The main issue they have highlighted is the lack of awareness on cladding in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower disaster in 2017.

Cllr Douglas Johnson, who represents the City Ward, said: “There are some uncertainties in private flats.

“And the management is another big issue. If the block is well managed and kept clean and tidy, then the risk of fire would be reduced. On the other hand, the communal areas are not kept in a good condition and spaces are filled up with flammable materials. It would be a danger to residents.”

Several Sheffield tower blocks, including Hanover Tower in Broomhill, were vacated following the disaster while vital repairs took place.

Two years on, their homes have not been fully restored and there are fresh concerns about fire safety due to maintenance issues not being addressed.

Construction work now decorates the exterior of the building, due to refurbishment and insulation work.

But it is unclear how this work will be funded in some private flats and many people remain in flats with unsafe cladding.

Mr Johnson said: “It is the motion to the council, if they agree then we should put a formal demand to the central government. It is a national urgent issue for people’s safety so we don’t have another instance like a disaster in Grenfell Tower.”

He also pointed out that the central government has both money and power, which the local government does not have, to ensure that residential areas are not at risk from fire.

Written by Yunyi Liu

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