New improvements for disabled and special needs students

Calls have been made to improve the system for special needs and disabled students in Sheffield.

Members of Sheffield City Council met on Monday and called for an improvement to draft plans to make it easier for students and their parents to access help from the system.

Tim Armstrong, Head of Special Educational Needs, SEN, at the council said: “Some parents said it is hard to navigate and are confused about where to ask for advice.”

The improvement in communication will focus on the clear and consistent provision of information and engagement and help the young people and their families access services.

Mr Armstrong said they are going to ask users how to redesign the system and service “to ensure the young people can have the right support”.

In mainstream schools there will be clearer understanding and expectations of roles and responsibilities of staff and services

The council will also seek to improve quality assurance in identifying and supporting school improvement to result in better support for children and young people.

For those children and young people with special educational needs the draft aims to set up a strong partnership working between health, education and care facilities.

The finalized document will be sent to Ofsted on 30 April.

Written by Yunyi Liu

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