Pole dance studio opens in Hillsborough

28 March 2019

A pole dance studio which hosts a variety of lessons, ranging from contemporary to sexy pole dancing, has opened on Taplin Road in Hillsborough.

The studio, ‘Off the Ground’, also known as ‘OtG’, has moved from a smaller venue to a more spacious building.

The owner and pole dance instructor, Sarah Bibby, aims to use her new studio to create a safe space for everyone to practise the art of pole dance and pole fitness.

Sarah Bibby, 27, from Crookes said: “I have steadily built OtG from two classes a week just for my friends, to a studio offering over 10 hours of classes a week, with two instructors, and it’s still growing.”

“My aim for OtG is to provide a space for people to use pole dance and movement to better themselves and feel good. There is no better feeling than finding a new level of strength, control and understanding of your body, and the power that comes with all three.

“We teach pole tricks, choreography, stretch and conditioning classes, and exotic dance. OtG is the only pole studio in Sheffield that teaches exotic dance, and we range from stripper style sexy pole, to much more complicated, technical exotic dance with fast moves, drops, combinations and flips. We teach our exotic pole in designated classes so we can provide a safe space for our students to explore this powerful style of movement free of judgement, full of support.”

Sarah started pole dancing in 2012 at Sheffield Hallam University thinking it would be a “cool party trick, nothing more”. Now she is a fully qualified instructor with years of experience.

Sarah welcomes everyone to come and give pole dancing a go. She said: “You can make pole whatever you want to. It can be a fun class to make friends, a good way to keep fit for an hour or two a week, a personal form of therapy to escape the stress of daily life. At the other end of the scale, there are pole dancers who compete internationally, have become celebrities in the pole industry , and make their living travelling to teach all over the world.

“The variety of people in pole is the one thing I find myself reassuring people about most. OtG has male students, we have had an influx of them recently, one of our classes now has four guys in! We also have plus sized students, disabled students, very fit and very unfit students, students who can lift their own body weight no problem, students whose feet have not yet left the floor. Some students come to dance, some students come to train their strength. Whoever you are, we find you a class to work towards your goals, whoever you choose to be is just fine to us.”

Written by Marta Flakiewicz

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