Rotherham man jailed for criminal damage

A Rotherham man has been charged with criminal damage after smashing the windows of his ex-girlfriend’s house and his neighbour’s van, Sheffield Magistrates’ Court heard today.

Andrew Dunstan, 26, of The Lanes, East Dene, Rotherham, committed a series of attacks on people’s property, causing a total of £800 worth of damage, prosecutor Alison Goldsmith QC told the court.

On the 19th of February this year, Dunstan smashed his ex-girlfriend, Michelle Melber’s, living room windows, breaching his suspended sentence, Ms Goldsmith said. He caused over £400 of damage.

In a statement read to the court, Ms Melber said: “I was scared and alone with my young daughter. I don’t want any further contact with him.”

On the 26th of February, Dunstan went to his neighbour, Adrian Medlock’s house, where he smashed in the windscreen of Mr Medlock’s work van that belongs to Sheffield City Council, causing a further £400 worth of damage, Miss Goldsmith said.

Mr Medlock said in a statement that he has “no idea” why Dunstan has done this and that he is worried for the safety of his family.

Dunstan’s defence, Peter Large QC, said that Dunstan had “learned a harsh lesson” and has lost his job as a roofer, as well as losing contact with his children as a result of his actions.

Dunstan says he damaged the van because of his neighbour’s interference with his relationship and he has since apologised to all involved, Mr Large told the court.

District Judge French sentenced Dunstan to 14-weeks in custody and imposed a restraining order for Miss Melber for two years. He has also been ordered to pay £800 in damages.

Written by Rhiannon Cook

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