Sheffield celebrates Mother’s Day with a “pizza party”

Afternoon tea at The Rutland Hotel and a Mother’s Day pizza party at Forum Kitchen and Bar are just a couple of the things Sheffield has to offer this weekend.

The ‘pizza party’ at the restaurant provides mums with a glass of prosecco and a 16″ pizza to personalise with their child.

Lewis Evans, 22, marketing executive for True North Brew Co, said: “The idea was to incorporate the pizza into this to do something a bit different.

“On the day there’s going to be a lot of sections cornered off specifically for it. We’ll be able to get pretty hands on and the kids will be able to make pizzas for the parents.

“The event will take place between 12pm and 5pm and the idea is that everyone will be given a pizza base with sauce. The families can choose what they put on them and everyone can join and have a go. Mum can sit back and have a few proseccos, it should be fun.

“It’s a really engaging opportunity to do something different. Everyone goes out for a Sunday dinner, so why not not mix it up a bit?”



More eclectic events can also be found for those with specific interests, such as a Mother’s Day curry making workshop at St. Timothy’s Community Hall and a Mother’s Day “Sew Together” event hosted by Sew In The City.

Mother’s Day is the worldwide celebration of the mother of the family. Traditionally mothers are gifted cards and flowers from their children in appreciation for their hard work.

With Sheffield having a lot to offer, people in South Yorkshire have a lot of different ways of celebrating Mother’s Day.

Jenny Turner, 46, from Kiveton Park said: “We normally celebrate Mother’s Day by going to see my mum. I enjoy seeing her and I try to make her day a little bit easier so she knows that she’s appreciated and loved.

“There’s so many great restaurants in Sheffield that do lovely things for Mother’s Day and I always think it’s nice to go out and enjoy myself.”

Lauren Turner, her daughter, said: “I love celebrating Mother’s Day by going for a hike in The Peaks. Sheffield is surrounded by amazing moors and it’s great for a family day out and picnic.”


Jenny Turner and her daughter, Lauren Turner.

Others prefer a more traditional celebration. Lauren Wilks, 20, from Mosborough said: “Me and my mum often go out for afternoon tea at Mosborough Hall in Sheffield. It’s such a nice place and very special for Mothers Day as they really go the extra mile and every detail of the tea is lovely.

“The first time we went I was around 14 and I booked it as a surprise for my mum for Mother’s Day, I saved most of the money I got for the present and it was worth it. My mum had no idea the first time and it was such a nice surprise to give her because she does everything for me so it was great to give back to her.”


Kerry Hodson and her daughter, Lauren Wilks.

Kathryn Bagnall, 47, from Barnsley said: “I would normally make my mum a meal at home with a couple of bottles of prosecco.

“I really enjoyed shopping for the ingredients in Sheffield’s local shops and the market. It has a great sense of community.”


Kathryn Bagnall, and her daughter Lauren Bagnall.


Written by Marta Flakiewicz

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