Fire service call to check in on elderly relatives in Sheffield

4 April 2019

Firefighters in Sheffield have urged people to visit older relatives to make sure they are safe, as part of a new campaign.

South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue, SYFR, is trying to reduce the number of elderly people dying in fires after three people over 60 died in house fires in the region in the last six weeks.

Emma Wright from SYFR, said: “We are talking to members of the public with older relatives, because we think they will be easier to reach than older people themselves and we think they are more likely to take action.”

In response to this, SYFR is asking people to go through their ‘Grandparent Check’, which poses questions including whether their older loved one lives alone, smokes, needs a walking aid or uses emollient creams.

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, SYFR says that an older relative, friend or neighbour may be at higher risk and is eligible for a free home safety check by their staff.

Clive Brockett, Nether Edge said: “This campaign is a long time coming; we must protect our most vulnerable in society.”

As well as completing the checklist, SYFR also offers a few suggestions that people can do to help make their loved ones safer, including making sure that they have working smoke alarms.

Despite, its positive aim, some people disagree with the campaign.

Jackie Evans, Crosspool said: “This campaign is not needed. People should not have to feel obliged to visit their older friends, they should visit them because they want to.”

Written by Gemma Hughes

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