Firefighter left devastated over budget cuts

4 April 2019

Cuts to firefighter crews will risk public safety, fire union bosses have said.

The Fire Authority has made plans to reduce the cost of emergency services by £4 million, by restructuring firefighter crews from five to four members.

These plans will be considered by the Fire Authority on April 8th, and then move into public consultation.

Matt Nichools, 56, Fire Brigade Union Sheffield chairman, said: “This will be our window, we need to join forces with the fire brigade, the union, and council if we want to stop this. It will put the safety of the public at risk as well as the safety of the fire fighters”

The plans will not only put people’s safety at risk but also the jobs of 83 fire fighters.

Mr Nichools added: “As a whole we are devastated. This will have a massive impact on the public’s safety as well as our own. The fifth person is there to ensure other firefighters are safe while doing their job.

“They need to ensure the building is safe before sending others in as well as regulate the oxygen and water levels are correct to prevent anything happening to their colleges. Without them the whole team will be at risk”

The response time in emergencies will also be slowed down as it will take three fire engines instead of two.

This will also leave other areas at a higher risk as there will be less crews to respond to emergencies.

Written by Sarah Hansens

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