Locals claim that Sheffield’s traditional beauty is being ruined by students

Sheffield natives are claiming that its scenic beauty is being ruined by “careless” and “disrespectful” students.

The city is known as England’s largest village and is famous for its mass of greenery, beautiful parks and the peak district.

But, some people believe this has now been tarnished by young people completely vandalising their home.

Rosa Morris, 82, a retired nurse from Sheffield said: “It has all changed. 50 years ago you could walk through any park and not see any litter. Now all you see is sick on the floor and beer bottles.”

Miss Morris believes that an influx of students from all over the UK is the reason Sheffield has lost its traditional beauty. She said that because it is not their home, they can get drunk and litter without any consequences.

Matt Cottrill, owner of Steam Yard, Sheffield, said: “We welcome all members of the community, a lot of our regulars and staff are students here in the city and we welcome them wholeheartedly.

“It’s great to see students, families and creatives all enjoying their time with us and time together. This is why Sheffield is such an inclusive and welcoming city.”

According to First Mile, Sheffield is ranked Britain’s 9th greenest city, just behind Leeds. The city was also a pioneer in getting rid of plastic straws and has reduced Co2 emissions by 2,400 tonnes through energy efficiency schemes.

Harry Brammall, 19, A business student said: “If I’m honest, I do see quite a bit of mess where students swarm but I feel like that’s like every city you go to.

“It’s just a young thing, it’s not like Sheffield was personally targeted. A few weeks back I was part of a big clean up in seven parks across Sheffield, it was just students actually.”

Written by Courtney Wilson

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