Sheffield family’s warning after suspicious ‘phone’ trackers

A family of four has issued a warning to people in Crookesmoor after they were visited by people searching for a ‘missing Motorola phone’.

Patrick Healy-Gardner, 17 and Elliott Healy-Gardner, 14, were approached at their home in Northumberland Road on Tuesday morning by two men who claimed they were tracking a phone and wanted to know if it was in their house.

The two teens said the men were acting very suspiciously.

Patrick, who was about to leave for college said: “My room is right next to the front door and I heard them whispering something before, but I thought nothing of it.

“When I opened it they told me they tracked their lost phone to my house and when I asked to see how they tracked it to help, they got very defensive.

“When I mentioned my parents were in the kitchen they gave me a phone number and told me to call them when I find it and that they’d be back later that evening and they jumped back in their van.”

Patrick told his parents of the odd ordeal and his parents notified the police immediately. Robert Healy-Gardner, the father of the two boys decided to investigate by going to the two houses either side of his house asking if they got a visit from the men to which both tenants said they didn’t.

According to the UK crime statistics, 1,436 burglaries were reported to South Yorkshire Police in January 2019

Mr Healy-Gardner said: “It’s very suspicious. I wasn’t even aware you could track Motorola phones. We have a ‘to-let’ sign outside our house so I believe they were surveying it to find the right time to break in.

“Luckily I was in the house that morning, I do believe they would have pushed past if my son didn’t say I was only a few feet away.”

A statement from South Yorkshire Police said: “Officers responded to reports of suspicious activity on Northumberland Road in the Crookesmoor area of Sheffield at around 10:30am on 2 April 2019. An investigation is ongoing.”

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