Sheffield man about to run 160 miles to raise money for Grenfell victims

A Sheffield man has raised more than £1,800 in support of victims of the Grenfell disaster.

Leaving on Saturday, Mik Parkin, 46, an Area Manager for British Heart Foundation, will spend six days running more than 160 miles from his front door in High Green, Sheffield, to the Grenfell tower in London for his fundraising campaign.

Initially aiming to raise £2,000 for Grenfell Foundation, Mik is now hoping with this challenge to reach £2,500 by the end of June in help of the survivors of the 2017 fire.

“Last September I really wanted to find a new challenge for myself,” Mik explained. “I feel the happiest when I find a challenge which scares me a bit and I have to work very hard for.”

He will be running 30 miles every day, and 20 miles during the last two days, to reach his goal by Thursday.

Mik will be spending the nights at friends’ places or at the homes of people he met during his campaign, and his girlfriend will be following him by car and meeting him at stops on the road to make sure he has essential foodstuffs and water.

This is not Mik’s first fundraising run as a few years ago he ran from Sheffield to Liverpool and back to Sheffield in support of victims of the Hillsborough disaster.

“When organising this run I met many people from the families of the victims who were truly inspiring. It was life-changing,” he remembers.

On Saturday, before leaving for London, Mik will stop to meet with active Sheffield residents, campaigning to make tower blocks safer.

One of his main aims is to also urge private owners of buildings in danger of fire and the Government to take action and have any dangerous cladding removed.

“This is a national scandal,” Mik said, “and we don’t want to wait for a second building to be set on fire to find a reason for change.”

To support Mik’s campaign, you can donate on

Written by Aleksandra Peneva

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