A group in Walkley has started patrolling the streets at night after a spate of burglaries in the area.

Walkley residents are taking action after a series of burglaries occurred in the area during April.

Sightings of between three and five men operating around 3am and 4am have been caught on CCTV and the images have been shared with South Yorkshire Police.

In at least 7 instances reported on social media, the thieves had stolen keys and cars, often locking residents into their own homes.

Other items, thought to have been discarded from burglaries, have been found in neighbouring gardens.

People in the area fear that things are getting worse with some residents saying they believe the police are not taking action.

Some residents are now patrolling the area between midnight and 3am hoping to catch the thieves in the act whilst others are looking into self-defence classes and increasing their home security.

However, Craig Hewitt who runs Walkley Neighbourhood Watch (WNW) said he does not want people to get the wrong impression about the area and offers advice and support about how people can help protect themselves from being targeted.

Craig said he does not want to advertise any security products but does advise that “security cameras are worth their weight in gold and pay for themselves.” He said he hopes to be able to offer discounted equipment to residents who join WNW.

There will be a Walkley Forum meeting held on Monday 13 May at Ebenezer Church on Greenhow Street at 7.30pm. South Yorkshire Police will be attending to discuss these issues with concerned residents.

South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Dr Alan Billings said: “People can be reassured that the police are aware and are dealing with this issue.” and said that discussions are ongoing with the District Commander Chief Superintendent Stewart Barton and inspector John Mallows who will speak to those concerned before the next forum meeting to help build a ‘comprehensive understanding’ of what is happening.

Dr Billings said: “Walkley is a very safe place in which to live.”

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