Brand new Sheffield-based Jazz Festival a reflection of the scene’s resurgence

2 May 2019

Yellow Arch Studios are the hosts to a brand new day festival in Sheffield when the Future Jazz festival makes its debut this bank holiday Sunday.

The event features 18 jazz-infused artists over a 10 hour period, including Leeds-based electric soul quartet headliners ‘Noya Rao’, and Sheffield’s recently elected first ever official poet laureate, Otis Mensah.

Event organiser Spencer Edwins said: “Whilst there’s always been a Jazz presence here in Sheffield, recently the momentum has really picked up and everyone’s on board with it – as a venue it’s our job to recognise that and run with it.

“It’s got to a point where the jazz resurgence has kind of exploded and there’s been a massive wave of new jazz coming through. It feels like it is the right time for it to happen, and it’s happened naturally.

“London gets most of the attention when it comes to the UK Jazz scene, but there are so many great Jazz bands up north and we want to showcase that. We’re really looking forward to it.”

The whole festival set up is extremely grassroots, with every aspect hand made by the venue staff.

This includes two stages with alternating performances one after the other, of which one is inside the venue where more authentic jazz artists will play, and the other is in the courtyard area, reserved for artists with more of a jazz ‘influence’ sound, incorporating a collection of genres such as funk, disco and hip-hop.

A custom built sound system is in use for the event and there will be a wide range of vibrant visuals added to the venue to really bring it alive for the day, as well as a home-made cocktail bar and Street Food caterers ‘Just Falafs’ if you get hungry.

Edwins said: “We hope that there will be a nice atmosphere in the air and everyone’s there because they love the music and they’re excited to see the bands. We want it to be a really nice, relaxed day.”

“We want it to be a warm up to all the big festivals coming up over the summer, a nice preview for what’s to come. We just hope the weather holds up!”

The event begins at 3pm, the sun is set to be shining and tickets are only £12.50 for the whole day. They can be purchased here.



Written by Liam Holister

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