New mental health service launched in Sheffield to help pregnant women

2 May 2019

A new mental health service has been launched in Sheffield that specialises in mental health during or after pregnancy.

Sheffield Health and Social Care set up their perinatal mental health service which was launched on maternal mental health day to celebrate it.

According to the NHS, it’s estimated that one in five women will experience a diagnosable mental health issue before, during or after pregnancy, which is also known as the perinatal period.

This week is the UK maternal mental health matters awareness week. It’s a full week dedicated to raising awareness of mental health issues during and after pregnancy, giving help and advice to mums in need.

Jo Wood, 43, from Sheffield, has experienced mental health issues during pregnancy and said: “A perinatal mental health service would benefit people a lot. Some people are afraid of the term mental health so support is always needed, especially perinatal.”

Rachel, 36, from Sheffield also said: “Mental health in and after pregnancy is still a taboo subject and needs to be discussed more openly to give others the confidence to seek help and understand they are not alone.”

The service offers “confidential, non-judgemental care and treatment to women with mental health problems, who are planning to have a baby, are already pregnant or have given birth in the last 12 months.”

The launch of this service is part of the NHS’s five year forward view for mental health. Their aim is to increase access to specialist perinatal mental health support in all areas of England.

The NHS have said: “A phased, five-year transformation programme, backed by £365m in funding, is underway to build capacity and capability in specialist perinatal mental health services, focused on improving access to and experience of care, early diagnosis and intervention, and greater transparency and openness.”

Written by Lauren Turner

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