NHS sleep scheme improves mental health of vulnerable children

2 May 2019

A new scheme by the NHS to improve children’s sleep has been found to improve the mental health of their participants.

The children’s sleep charity and Sheffield City Council provided sleep clinics, set up by the NHS, to children from troubled backgrounds or with challenging behaviour.

The NHS have seen great results noticing that children are sleeping well and performing better at school.

Vicki Dawson, the CEO of the children’s sleep charity said: “The impact of the programme is enormous. The findings were that children got an additional 2.4 hours sleep. The knock-on effect of that is huge in terms of their mental and physical health as well as their emotional well being.

“A child who is sleep deprived finds it hard to meet their full potential. The study also showed that if we can improve sleep we can also improve all aspects of family life as well.”

The scheme included banning sugary drinks and removing electronics from the bedroom and has helped about 800 families so far.

Written by Lauren Turner

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