How two artists have benefited from one of Sheffield’s biggest art events

2 May 2019

Artists and craftspeople will open the doors of their studios for a 21st time this year, during Sheffield’s most popular annual open studio event.

Open Up 2019 will see more than 130 art creators welcome the public into their work spaces across the city.

Many of the artists are new to the event, adding colour to the array of arts and crafts showcased, and organisers say that this year people would be able to enjoy some new interesting venues too.

Chair of the Open Up event organising committee Annette Petch said: “Open Up is different every year, as some of the artists are regulars, some are new, and some have a year off every now and again.

“The event has been growing every year, and this year we are very pleased with the number of new artists taking part.”

Sue Nichol, one of the artists participating in the event this year, shares that although fellow artists meet up regularly to show support for each other, Open Up provides a special link between artists and viewers that isn’t always possible when showing work in a gallery.

“Being an artist can be a rather lonely occupation, so personally I love the interaction such an event brings, people seem genuinely interested in hearing, how I began my artistic journey, my thought process, and if I give lessons!” she said.

An example of Sue’s work – ‘Staithes Wave’

Maggie Robinson, a local contemporary landscape artist, shares that people often get surprised at how much creativity there is surrounding them.

She also adds that potential buyers have more trust in artists they have met personally, so Open Up benefits her in sales too.

“As my studio is on the top floor of our home, I don’t actually open it up. I exhibit in Galleries all over the Northern Counties and in London as well but very often the people in your immediate area don’t even know you exist!

“It is such an opportunity for local people to explore what artwork is really ‘out there’ but being created on their doorstep,” Maggie said.

Maggie’s ‘Keep my heart in perfect tune’

The event is being run by artists for artists, supported by a committee of practising artists and craftspeople, who all give their time and expertise voluntarily.

This year, people will be able to visit the studios between the 4th and 6th of May as well as the 11th and 12th of May from 11 am until 5 pm.

For specific dates when each studio will be  open visit

Written by Kalina Mileva

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