Sheffield Bargain Beers caught selling out-of-date vape liquid

2 May 2019

Bargain Beers have been caught selling vape liquid bottles that have passed their expiration date at their West Street shop.

10ml vials of the nicotine-based substance were available to buy at the shop, despite having 2017 expiration dates.

Liam Khemsang, a vape specialist for Juul UK, warned vape users about the danger of expired liquids.

“Scientists themselves don’t fully know all the chemical components of vape liquid, so that’s a danger in itself”.

“Vape liquids have a shelf life of 1-2 years. What happens to that liquid when it’s out-of-date is that the flavour and the nicotine start to depreciate”.

“Even when in date, vape liquid can be dangerous to ingest, so I can’t even imagine how dangerous it would be if it was out-of-date”.

Bargain Beers refused to comment.

Written by Sean Johnson

Journalism student at The University of Sheffield.

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