Sheffield Student aims to end litter for good, for charity!

A Sheffield University student is aiming to eradicate litter for good – and is raising money for charity in the process.

Abi Baker, 21, is killing two birds with one stone with her innovative strategy, being for every £10 donated to her charity giving page, she cleans up a litter-plagued area in Sheffield.

Abi has now raised almost £1,500 which is split between five Sheffield based charities, and she isn’t planing on stopping any time soon.

“I want  to be an inspiration to people” 

The Zoology student started her campaign after signing up to do ‘Bummit’, a student-led charity hitch hike across Europe from Sheffield to Transylvania, Romania.

The fundraising target for the trip was £250, but not content with settling for the minimum, Abi continues to press on despite having smashed the goal in less than 3 days.

Abi said: “I wanted to do something different to a bake sale or something, I wanted it to be something I could be proud of.

“I was spit balling a few ideas when I came across the #trashtag movement on social media. I thought about how I could combine my fundraising with this movement, and I’m really happy with what I came up with!”

For those unaware, #trashtag is a social media campaign which encourages people to clean up litter filled areas, with a before and after photo demonstrating the difference they have made.

Since starting the campaign, Abi has done 43 #trashtag clean ups, and there’s plenty more to come.

To help manage with the huge volume of promised clean ups that come with the amount of donations she has received, Abi has begun hosting community litter picks in which a group of volunteers come and clean up an extremely littered and/or dirty area.

Last Sunday, 17 volunteers accompanied her to a baron wasteland of rubbish which looked like an impossible task to clean, but working together, the group were able to sort it out entirely in the space of three hours.

17 volunteers helped Abi tidy a huge fly tipping zone over a 3 hour period – before heading for a well deserved pint!

“It’s going really well so far, so I want to see how far I can go”


“It was a massive fly-tipping area that I walk past on the way to Uni, and it’s pretty depressing to see. I scouted it out and thought we’d never get it done, there was just too much! But we managed to do it and I’m extremely grateful for everyone who came down to help, because I definitely couldn’t have done it by myself!”

After the success of her first event, the aim is to host many more community clean ups across Sheffield and beyond.

Abi explained: “I want to spread the word as much as possible. I would love to host more community clean ups, as there are so many areas that I couldn’t do by myself, but could really do with a big clean up.

“I want to start a #trashtag nomination, where you do a clean up and then tag, say three friends on Facebook or whatever, nominating them to do the same. I also want to create an app which tells you where the nearest bin is. I’ll need funding from somewhere but I’m very ambitious about where this can go.”

You can follow, or even get involved in Abi’s #trashtag journey, including all future community litter picks, here: TrashTagAbi

If you would like to donate to her charity page to encourage more clean ups and support each of these charities, you can also do that here: Trashtag Donations

Written by Liam Holister

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