Story of how a human trafficking survivor’s soul was “kept alive” by art to be told next week

2 May 2019

A victim of human trafficking and modern-day slavery, who arrived in Sheffield eight months ago, will have their art exhibited at Sheffield Foodhall next week.

The foodhall will aim to exhibit the artist, Xumina’s, story of how art “kept their soul alive” during many years of sexual exploitation. 

Next Wednesday, Foodhall in collaboration with Student Action For Refugees, will provide a communal meal for visitors with a talk a victim of trafficking, and Nancy Esiovwa from Survivors Alliance. 

Foodhall said: “MY SELF, MY MIND gives a platform for their story to be shared, their voice to be heard, and their work to be discovered. 

The story shared will be the one of Xumina, who was trafficked to Europe to work in sexual slavery for more than ten years of their life.  

They escaped and sought asylum in the UK, arriving in Sheffield just eight months ago, all of the art in this exhibition has been made since their escape. 

Xumina has used their talent and as an artist to create a series of sculptures which will be the centrepiece of the exhibition. 

The talk and communal meal are part of an exhibition running from Monday the 6th to Saturday the 11th of May, which will feature a night featuring a live performance from the artist and a closing party with DJs from STAR on the night of Friday 10th. 

Greg Brown, STAR, said: “Volunteers have been working together to bring together a series of special events next week, as well as giving time to allow Foodhall to stay open every day of the week and keep the exhibition open to the public. 

Another talk will be given by Nancy Esiovwa from Survivors Alliance, who work to empower people who have survived human trafficking and slavery around the world. 


Written by Jamie Van Bragt

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