World market comes to Sheffield to bring a fantastic market experience over bank holiday

2 May 2019

A “global village market” with stalls from all over the world is being hosted from today to Monday 6th May in Sheffield City centre.

The event is packed with various street foods, confectionery, clothing, plants and craft items including jewellery and ornaments to promise people a memorable bank holiday.

The owner of one of the food vendors, “Francaises Patisseries”, said they have been taking part in the market for nearly 15 years and find it very enjoyable to meet different people.

“It’s a bit quiet on weekdays but people come in flocks at weekends. Our market is also running in other places in the UK. Sometimes you feel a bit bored doing the same thing but it’s always fun to see different people in different cities.”

The owner of a Turkish food vendor said: “Sheffield is a very nice place and I really love it. The city is lively and there are lots of people and students here so it’s good for our business.

“We want to bring people with different food and fresh everything, such as the fresh olives and fresh baklava, these are things people may not be able to buy in the supermarket. Maybe they could only buy them when they’re travelling to Turkey. But now here’s an easier way for them to enjoy the food.”

Bethany Strafford, 26, a ceramist, said she liked the atmosphere in the market: “The market is amazing and lively, it makes Fargate much better than it always used to be.”

“I love the outdoor food hall with benches at bottom of the market, it’s like Kommune in the high street and it’s really a good place for people to enjoy food and chat with friends.”

Maria Mar, 29, a student, said: “I love the market, especially the food. The market gathers together different cultures which is quite nice. The drawback is that the price is a bit expensive, but I don’t mind because it doesn’t come very often. It’d be better if the price gets cheaper.”

The opening time of the market is from 9am to 6pm and 10am to 5pm on Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday respectively.

Written by Phoebe Xu

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