Sheffield journalist set to raise £3000 for local MIND charities

A BBC Radio Sheffield journalist will be walking 122 miles over five days across South Yorkshire to help raise money for local MIND charities.

Adam Oxley, 34, from Halfway, is visiting league and non league football clubs from both the men’s and women’s league, during the playoff season.

He said: “Working for Radio Sheffield I wanted to do some charity work and cover as much of the area as our programme covers. Also, I still struggle with anxiety issues and had a few periods off work in my previous job. I said to myself and chance to help anyone and share my story I’d try and do that.

“I decided to put on a special show and invited Sheffield Wednesday player Sam Hutchinson, who struggled with depression and he was brilliant. He talked really openly about struggles.

“I’ve been thinking about the walk and Sam inspired me to actually follow through and do it.”

Sheffield MIND is a charity that helps people suffering from mental health issues, Adam, who uses MIND when he struggles with anxiety said “Mind is a place to talk and meet up with other people so that you can see your not alone. Mental health covers so many aspects and mind helps you learn to live with it and deal with it.

“As I learnt you cannot fix a lot of mental health issues, you have to learn to live with your mind not work against it.

“When I was struggling with anxiety, I used a lot of online materials – my old job was for the police – it was a stressful job and mind had a blue light programme for police workers. They help support you in the right way and were really helpful in the tools they offered.”

His funding page continues to show a steady rise, currently at £485 and he said “My aim is to raise £3000, there are three mind charities so hopefully about £1000 for each and if that can be better then that’s brilliant. It’s something close to my heart so to get to that point is great.”

With mental health awareness week approaching – it runs from the 13-19th of May – Adam said “I think generally awareness of mental health issues has improved greatly, it’s still difficult for those who don’t suffer to under what you go through; you feel really alone. I’m married and have great friends but it’s very difficult to describe your struggles and to get out of your thoughts. We’ve got better at talking and that is vital but somebody has to be there to listen.”

Adam’s walk starts on the 19th May as Mental health awareness week finishes and says training is going well, “Like a marathon you need to build up for it, put yourself in the position and it comes down to your mind managing it from a mental perspective.”

To help Adam raise money for MIND, visit

Written by Max Heptonstall

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