University of Sheffield promotes workers’ rights week

7 May 2019

Sheffield University celebrated International Workers’ Day on 1st May with their own Workers’ Rights Week in the Students’ Union.

Today, Martin Bontley, the branch chair of Unite, spoke about how they protect trade union members and other members of staff’s rights and fight back for employees in the workplace.

“I’m branch chair of the union on campus so I sit in on all the main meeting with the university.

“Where the university or the union want to make changes then the trade union will be the representative body of staff to discuss those changes.

“The trade union is its members. It’s not people like me or the rest of the executive. It’s about what you want, and that kind of momentum is built by your membership. If you are a trade union member it’s because you want to be, not because you have to be, and the membership is stronger because of that.

Unite describe themselves as ‘the union for the 21st century’, who stand up for equality and members’ interests on a political and national level. Unite also aims to build links with international trade unions to confront the challenges our globalised economy.

Different trade unions will be in the SU through the week ready to talk about being empowered in the workplace, and what other trade unions can do for you. Tomorrow will be featuring the University and College Union.

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