Purr-fect café opens to help spread happiness across Sheffield

8 May 2019

A grieving daughter has opened a quirky cat café in legacy of her dad.

Sophie Petford, 21, of West Street, used her inheritance to start up Kitty Barn, as cats helped her through the loss of her father Neil Petford, who died in a motorcycle accident 11 years ago when she was just ten.

The café opened four days ago on Chapel Walk in the city centre.



Sophie said: “Cats are a big part of my life and I wanted to share that. In the Kitty Barn there is a cat for everyone. I hope customers come out feeling relaxed after getting a cuddle during their busy days. I got a lot of comfort from my cats after my dad died, and I hope the café can bring people the same happiness.”

Kitty Barn is home to 10 cats, including Hiccup, Willow, Lily and Norman, ranging from six months to fourteen years old.

In the cafe, customers can have a coffee, a piece of cake, cuddle the cats and watch them play in catnip.

Sophie said:  “We hope to have mental health workshops in the near future and also children’s workshops too.”

Written by Heidi Bailey

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