Local food charity in receipt of £4m grant

8 May 2019

Following a £15m fund, Defra, the UK department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, recently awarded the Sheffield-based charity Food Works for their commendable work in unnecessary reducing food waste, with over 5 tonnes saved every week. 

According to government statistics, approximately 100,000 tonnes of food is wasted annually: enough for around 250 million balanced meals.

Through mediums such as pay-as-you-feel grocery stores, to cafes selling organic and Food Works regularly acts to recycle and repurpose this waste, adding a new form of sales to streamline food distribution efficiency and ultimately discouraging over-production.

CEO of Defra, Rene Meijer, said: “we’re extremely grateful for the grant. We’ll use it to better our networks with farmers and food producers”.

“Regularly, producers have to throw away tonnes of food. Often the food doesn’t meet cosmetic standards, or often farmers have to overproduce to account for unpredictable weather. We’re working to make sure this food doesn’t go to waste.”

Aiding the environment and local families, the Food Works store insists on having no set prices. Their lack of price tags encourages people to purchase the food when they wouldn’t otherwise, even if the charity doesn’t make a profit. Their mission statement is to “feed bellies, not bins.”

Volunteers, who dedicate up to 6 days a week to the cause expressed that it’s a great way to make real differences in the community. Even if the food doesn’t look perfect, it’s still good to make sure it doesn’t go to waste.

Written by Sean Harmon

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