Primary school recruits tackle school parking problems

Primary school children are on patrol to address parking problems around Ecclesfield Primary School.

Local Police Community Support Officers have gathered five young recruits to help address the concerns raised by parents and staff about the parking issues outside the school.

Community Support Officer, Mark Raynor said: “It’s brilliant working with the kids and the school to get this message across. I think it comes as a real shock to parents to receive such a stern warning about their bad parking habits. They now have a physical reminder, in the form of a notice from Year 4, to park in a more suitable location in the future.”

The new recruits, known as the Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs), have been handing out personally designed tickets, as well as giving verbal warnings to motorists about the dangers of pulling up in the wrong places on their daily school runs.

On May 3, the children handed out four tickets and warned five parents about their parking.

The Head Teacher at Ecclesfield Primary, Mrs Eagleton said: “Our JSROs have enthusiastically made a significant difference to reducing parking issues around the streets surrounding our school. I’d like to thank all those involved.”

The scheme is conducted in partnership with Sheffield City Council’s Parking Services and the Ecclesfield Co-Op, as well as the school.

The JRSOs all receive a daily salary of one chocolate bar from the Co-Op for all their hard work.

Written by Catherine Lewis

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