Sheffield City Council Cabinet gains four fresh faces and cracks down on inequality and climate change

A Cabinet reshuffle has been announced today by Sheffield City Council, with inequality and climate change among its top priorities.

Councillor Julie Dore, who remains Leader of the Council, said: “For me, the most special thing about our city continues to be the people. We are determined to do everything we can to tackle inequality which is, for me, the main issue we face. Key to this is investing in our young people and their families, to give them the future they deserve.”

Climate Change has also been highlighted as a key focus with Councillor Lewis Dagnall adding it to his Environment and Streetscene brief.

The new Cabinet, which will be put forward at next week’s Sheffield City Council AGM, brings in four new leaders and says goodbye to some longstanding members.

Moving into Health and Social Care is George Lindars-Hammond, former cabinet advisor to the position. He replaces Chris Peace, who is now running to be MP for North East Derbyshire.

Mr Lindars-Hammond, said: “I am very pleased to be appointed to the role. The challenge is huge. It is not just a financial challenge, but also about getting different areas of the council to work together. If we really want to improve the health of all the people of Sheffield then everyone needs to get involved.”

Councillor Abtisam Mohammed replaces Councillor Jayne Dunn in Education and Skills. Abtisam has a background as a solicitor and works for local charity Aspiring Communities Together.

Also coming into the Cabinet is Councillor Bob Johnson, who will be taking over the Transport and Development brief which was briefly scrapped earlier in the year after Councillor Jack Scott, who previously held the position, was suspended. Prior to being a Councillor, Bob worked in IT for Thompsons Solicitors.

Paul Wood is the new Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Community Safety, which includes council housing, after previously serving as Cabinet Adviser in the portfolio.

Written by Melanie Rawson

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