Sheffield welcomes its first ever digital festival

8 May 2019

Field Design and Sheffield Digital collaborated to bring Sheffield’s first digital festival, which will take place from 13-17 May.

The theme for the festival this year is “where creativity meets technical excellence”, with the main event on 17 May and Fringe events will be during 13-16 May.

Mel Kanarek, co-founder and director of Sheffield Digital, said: “The digital community in Sheffield has been wanting to do this for a while, people working in the industry think we should have an annual event to celebrate the good stuff going on in Sheffield.

“The event is opened to anybody who’s interested in Sheffield’s digital work. People can expect to be amazed, to be proud of the digital work in Sheffield and to meet people with same interests.”

The main event will be at Ko-Host event space in Castle House, starting at 13pm. There will be a mini-conference, with talks delivered by local speakers and a keynote speaker from outside of town.

The mini-conference will be followed by exhibitions and panel discussions, participants can have a chance to see and learn from Sheffield’s digital creativity. It is also a good opportunity for networking!

The Fringe event will take place throughout the week of 13-16 May. People are welcomed to submit their own events. It can be in any form, whether it is a film screening, a debate, or an exhibition, anything will work.

Ms. Kanarek added: “We did the event voluntarily. This year’s event is an experiment, we hope people will enjoy it so for next year, we can start earlier on planning and sponsoring stuff, to make the event bigger.

“Both universities in Sheffield are good supporters for Sheffield’s digital work, we would love the universities to be involved in the future. For this year, we know it’s exam season but both universities are welcome to take part in the Fringe events.”

It is free to attend the main event but with tickets limited to 150. Tickets were sold out today, so people will be put on waiting list.

Tickets for Fringe events, if needed, will be handled by individual event organisers. Please check their calendar entries on the event website for details.


Written by Bernadette Hsiao

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