EBW has finally found a venue to hold their Superhero Rumble wrestling match.

9 May 2019

Elite British Wrestling will be holding the ’20 Superhero Rumble’ at Diamond, Doncaster tomorrow at 6pm.

The Superhero themed event will see one of its 20 wrestlers entering the ring every minute, with the last one not to be thrown over the top rope taking the win.

Andy Hogg, one of EBW’s directors said: “We always aim to provide fun for all ages, be thoroughly family friendly, but still keep the adults entertained too.

“We like to have fun, create characters and hopefully entertain.”

There will be a total of 6 matches on the day, a mixture of single, tag team and multiman matches plus the main event 20 Superhero Rumble.

Hogg said: “We normally get about 100 to 150 people to the shows.

“This one is a bit up in the air, as we will possibly lose the chance to get some audience with having to switch venues, change advertising etc, but then we would hope to get a swing and some PR from the Cash for Kids organisers and Hallam FM.

“So feasibly I guess the 100 mark would seem to be the best guess at the minute.”

Hogg explained that one of their regular venues had a diary mishap and double booked the room they had hired.

However, after speaking to over 30 venues that people recommended, they recently found a new venue for it in Doncaster and they ‘can’t wait to go there’.

EBW ‘try and do quite a few bits for charities’, they have helped Cavendish as well as fundraising shows for people and doing Tramlines festival for free each year.

“Allan Ogle from Cash for Kids Sent us a message, see if we could work together on something, so myself and my wife Danielle went to meet him, and here we are!”, Hogg said.

More information about the event available here: https://www.facebook.com/events/403924720373796/

Written by Ana Estrella

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