Sheffield mothers are calling for baby loss awareness

9 May 2019

A Sheffield woman who lost her baby this year is calling to raise more awareness for Stillbirth & Neonatal Death Charity (SANDS) in Sheffield.

Lindsay Wright, 38, mother of two boys lost her baby while she was 35 weeks pregnant said she have received a lot of support from SANDS.

Mrs Wright who just started going to the support group early this year said: “We find the group very helpful. There are a lot of family who go through this as well and need support from SANDS.”

Mrs Wright attends the support group with her husband and her mother on Thursdays and goes for a family support on the third Saturday of the month.

She said: “Our baby passed away asleep, his heart stopped.

“I realised that I needed support soon after it happened and went for the support group.”

According to the charity, everyday, around 15 babies die before, during or soon after birth in the UK which means that every 90 minutes a family is faced with the death of their baby.

The charity which operates throughout the UK is determined to reduce the number of babies dying by at least 20% by 2020.

Sheffield SANDS hold support group to help and support parents who have loss their baby at any part from pregnancy or shortly after birth.

The support includes doing activities with other parents, sharing their experiences  and having tea and coffee together.

For more information of the work that SANDS does visit:



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