South Yorkshire Police introduce Body Worn Video cameras.

South Yorkshire police officers will soon be equipped with Body Worn Video (BWV) cameras to protect both the public and the police from crime.

1250 cameras, which will be attached to officers clothing, will be introduced in an attempt to capture evidence and protect front line staff from physical violence.

Firearms officers were the first to use the technology, but the roll-out means hundreds more officers will be using the cameras across the region now.

Chief Superintendent Robert Odell, who is over-seeing the roll-out across Sheffield, Doncaster, Barnsley and Rotherham said: “We are primarily introducing them to have positive impact on victims of crime.

“Images tell a thousand words, and these cameras will help a lot, especially in instances like domestic violence cases when a victim withdraws their complaint.”

The cameras will be routinely used by all front line officers across the region.

Robert Odell added: “I hope it will make people more careful around officers. The cameras will increase transparency because we will be able to see what actually happens.

We strongly believe that issuing our staff with the cameras will make a big difference to not only the safety of our officers, but members of the public too.”

South Yorkshire will not be the first place to welcome the technology, with hundreds of police forces nationally already using the cameras.

Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire Police and Commissioner said: “I welcome this development. Experience elsewhere suggests three important reasons for police wearing cameras.

They the police to maintain their own standards of professional conduct, make people who come into contact with the police think twice about their behaviour, and capture evidence that stands up in court.”




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