Trainee doctors prepared for being on the ‘frontline’ of violent crime

A group of trainee doctors in Sheffield gathered at the University of Sheffield’s Medical School yesterday to discuss how violent crime affects young people.

Around 100 students attended the discussion as part of the ‘Engage your Mind’ debate which was organised to talk about violence and mental health with a focus on childhood trauma and how violence impacts mental health.

Dr Madeleine Bonney-Helliwells who organised the event said: “The purpose of Engage Your Mind is primarily to encourage our trainee doctors to consider a career in psychiatry or mental health services.”

As part of the event, Dept Supt Jennings, Force Lead for Knife Crime was invited to the discussion to discuss with the audience about violent crime.

She said: “Talking to trainee doctors in this way was a fantastic opportunity. As they progress in their careers, these people will be on the frontline, dealing with the fallout from violent incident on streets up and down the country.”

Other speakers who are invited induced the Founder of StreetSafe4all, James Swallow-Gaunt and Dr Danna Lund who is a child and Adolescent Psychiatrist in Derbyshire.



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