Crowdfunding campaign launched to tackle crimes in Sheffield

Mums United Sheffield launched a campaign raising £1000, aiming to provide workshops to educate parents and families.

These workshops raise parents, local communities and young people’s awareness and reduce the impact of gangs, knife crime and antisocial behaviour.

Sahira Irshad, Director of Mums United, said: “Online funding is an easy and flexible way to raise money. It opens up to more people online.”

She added: “We are going to run the Mums United programme with these funds.”

The First Mums United programme is running since June 28 2018.

Ms Irshad continued: “The programmes are to empower the mums to raise the awareness of the indications of knife crime, looking after crime for their children, what their children are doing online and E-Safety. Also the programme we are going to give to the kids are delivered by mentors. Have people chained up and hope they can relate. We are hoping that the kids can take a minute and step back from entering that world.”

The statistics of South Yorkshire Police shows that crime numbers in Sheffield Central and North West has gone down from around 1800 crimes in November 2018 to 1657 crimes in March 2019.

The campaign is still ongoing.

To donate please visit:

Written by Aaron Chan

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