Mental Health Week to tackle body image anxiety

As Mental Health Awareness Week begins today, The University of Sheffield as well as Sheffield IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) are organising a range of events to call attention to this year’s theme – Body Image.

To encourage and support the mental wellbeing of students and staff, The University of Sheffield launched pages dedicated to encourage people in need, inspiring them to practice self-care not only on the mental side but also physical.

According to The University of Sheffield, researchers have found that ‘music releases dopamine, the feel-good chemical in your brain’ due to which the crucial element of this year’s featured activities is a choir.

Other available opportunities to improve mental wellbeing include introductory sessions about mindfulness, meditation or walking in support of managing a positive mindset.  

Dr Andrew Thompson, a Clinical Psychologist, told BBC Radio Sheffield: “We often find that people have both anxiety and depression, it can be very problematic as it affects people’s social life, ability to go out or work. That’s why in Sheffield we are delighted to have a range of services to improve people’s lives.” 

In an interview for BBC Radio Sheffield, Karen Palmres, who suffered from depression, said “Sometimes you don’t realise you have anxiety. A lot of teenagers out there suffer from anxiety. If you have a bad day, talk to your parents, talk to your friends and say that you don’t know why are you feeling like this. 

“I was on medication for about 5 years but it took me probably 7 years before I even took medication because I kept fighting it. I have a skin problem so sometimes the depression is related to my skin. Whenever my skin’s feeling rubbish… it’s just like a circle I live in.”

The NHS increased the funding of a Long Term Plan to transform mental health care which allows children and adults needing mental health support to access appropriate treatment.



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