Secret to busting exam stress is all in the diet, claim experts

13 May 2019

A market with plastic-free, locally sourced produce was set up this morning by Beanies Wholefoods to mark National Vegetarian Week at University of Sheffield’s Student Union.

The event was aimed at students to learn about the benefits of vegetables, especially with exam season just around the corner, promoting a healthier diet that is nutrients-based to help them concentrate during their exams.

Staff at the site talked about students needing a healthy supply of vitamins and nutrients in vegetables during the stressful period.

Esther Hyde, staff member at Beanies, said: “We are aware that at this time of year it’s a really stressful time of year for students, so eating healthy and a balanced diet is a really important part of wellbeing. And we thought with the Wellbeing officer at the union, it would be a perfect opportunity to bring on some colourful vegetables and hopefully brighten up some people’s day”.

The promotion of vegetables and how they can improve the mental health of students is something both Mental health awareness week, which began today, and National vegetarian week share.

Katharine Swindells, 22, the University of Sheffield’s Welfare Officer, said, “I think it’s great for students to be eating fresh fruit and eating locally, thinking about sustainability and environment impact of their food, what’s great about beanie’s is that they try to source locally”.

This also comes a few days after the parents’ protest against climate change where families campaigned for more environment-friendly products and diets.

“We have to think like them in a way. If they want to make money, there is a viable way available so they can make them accessible as possible. I guess it’s the whole power of the consumer, if we don’t buy things in plastic, they’ll get the message. When referring to supermarkets and what they can do.” Mrs Hyde added.

Beanies is a co-operative green grocers, based in Walkley, Sheffield, which has been running for 32 years, offering local produce, an organic grocery and delivery scheme.

Written by Ismaeel Hussain

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